Assc. Prof. Dr. Ting Su Hie

Professor Dr Ting Su Hie teaches research methodology at the Faculty of Language and Communication, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. She holds a Ph.D in Applied Linguistics from the University of Queensland, Australia. She has published extensively in language choice and identity, academic writing, communication strategies, and health communication.


The title of my keynote is:

Crossing Disciplines in Health Research

In the globalised world today, researchers are moving beyond their disciplinary silos towards transdisciplinary research. Nowadays societal challenges cannot be effectively solved using approaches within single disciplines. One of the areas that benefit from investigations from multiple disciplines is health research. Traditionally, health research takes place in the medical field. Now it is important to study economic outcomes of disease outbreaks and treatment alongside the clinical outcome data. It is also important to study how education can lead to more accurate health beliefs and knowledge, and thus healthier lifestyles. Humanities research is also breaking out of its traditional boundaries to adapt in meaningful ways to shed light on the meaning of health and illness for patients. Findings from ​research that crosses disciplines is like water that seeps through the fabric of human society to rejuvenate the pursuit of knowledge.