Hoa Sen University (HSU), a Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) member, has just been accredited with four stars out of the five stars by Britain’s QS Stars, an international university ranking organization.

To this end, HSU has undergone rigorous and independent data collection and analysis of performance metrics as set out in the QS Stars methodology. The QS Stars set for HSU has 8 categories namely Teaching; Employability; Academic Development; Internationalization; Facilities; Social Responsibility; Arts & Culture; and Bachelor of Arts Marketing.

Notably, HSU excelled at securing a maximum of 5 stars for “Employability” and “Arts & Culture”.

QS Stars rates Hoa Sen University as a Four-Star insitution.

That HSU is rated by QS Stars as a Four-Star institution proves the ability of the entire HSU that has undergone a year of rigorous accreditation by a leading European rating agency.

At HSU, students are trained to obtain useful knowledge from modern liberal education and get the best conditions for comprehensive development. That is the reason why HSU students have many advantages in the employer eyes with well specialized knowledge, proficiency in soft skills and foreign languages to meet employer requirements. HSU's training programs are based on a credit system and advantages of majors that allow students to design their own study pathways to shorten the time to receive two university degrees in parallel.

With the "Humanity and the spirit of liberation" educational philosophy, HSU embraces 30 years of prestigious training in strong fields such as economics - management, tourism - hotel, design - arts, multimedia communications, laws... with a vibrant and highly effective student experience environment. HSU is the first university in Vietnam to have undergraduate programs in economics and management accredited by the US ACBSP standards, and by AUN-QA (Southeast Asia) for many programs. HSU aims to ensure the quality of all training programs is in line with international standards.

Tuong Thuy